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Telehealth right fit       

10min $0  REQUEST NOW 


This service is designed for new patients who want to know if Chinese medicine and acupuncture are suitable therapeutic solution for them.

Telehealth follow-up       

15min $40  BOOK NOW 

This service is designed for established patients who may want to follow up on their current care with Chinese medicine or have some questions regarding their lab test reports. This service enables you to connect with Dr. Kajima remotely and get answers to your questions regarding specialist care needed, supplements, medications, herbs, etc.

Chinese Medicine Treatment Plan 


This service is designed for all patients who want to understand their health from the perspective of Chinese medicine. After submitting a request for this service, you will receive further instructions for submitting the necessary information to prepare a written treatment plan according to Chinese medicine understanding of your chief complaint and overall health condition. The plan is a multiple-page document that includes diagnosis (including explanation), guidance to diet, exercise, herbal formulas and supplement recommendations based on Chinese medicine and the latest research evidence supporting the recommendations. In addition to a written treatment plan, this service also includes a 20-minute video conference consultation where you will have an opportunity to ask questions. If you provide your current medication and supplement list, Dr. Kajima can cross-check them for possible interactions and contraindications according to the currently available data.

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