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Dr. Lucia Kajima, DAOM, L.Ac.

My Philosophy

Dr. Kajima's practice philosophy is based on integrative care delivered effectively and safely at a patient's home or in the office. Dr. Kajima’s mobile practice is especially helpful to patients whose health conditions make it difficult for them to leave home. Her patients choose their schedule and partner with her to improve their health. Her practice emphasizes both addressing the chief complaint and preventing disease. Most of her patients suffer from neurological conditions and may be concurrently seeing other medical specialists and practitioners.


In her therapeutic approach, Dr. Kajima relies on her multi-disciplinary training and specific techniques for neurological conditions based on traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, biomedicine and evidence from modern research. Her primary treatment modality is acupuncture, including scalp acupuncture and electroacupuncture that are complemented by traditional Chinese rehabilitation called dao yin, acupressure, herbal and supplement prescriptions, guidance in nutrition, exercise, self-care, and lifestyle choices. Dr. Kajima treats patients holistically with the goal of improving patients' quality of life. She works in conjunction with other health care providers if necessary.

The best medicine is preventive and now scientific studies support Complementary, Integrative and Chinese Medicine in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and other health concerns. In fact, many healthy patients seek effective stress reduction and health maintenance to prevent disease with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


Dr. Kajima will meet you where you are on your journey to better health. She is ready to listen and help you achieve your health goals.

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